Why do I need to log into my bank?

During the application process, you'll be asked to log in with our bank linking partner, Plaid. We use the connection to your bank account to verify your income, bank transactions and cash flow so we can qualify you for a loan.

If your loan is approved, Possible will also use the connection with your bank to send money and receive payments. To learn more about tips on increase your chances of getting approved, check out this help center article.

Your security is Possible’s top priority—your bank login information is never stored and we do not have access to your bank account. Rest assured, the mobile app is secure.


What is the Difference Between Linked and Manually Added Accounts?

Linked accounts are linked in the app through one of our aggregators like Plaid. Linked accounts can be used as primary accounts, for applications, for disbursements, and for payments. Linked debit cards are linked to a linked account and can be used for disbursements and payments.

Manually added accounts are accounts that are not linked through an aggregator. These accounts cannot be used as a primary account, for applications, or for disbursements. Manually added accounts and debit cards can only be used for payments.

To learn more about changing payment methods, see this article.


What is the Difference Between a Primary Account and Payment Account?

Primary Accounts

A primary account is the account selected for underwriting, disbursement, and recurring payments. It is considered the main account to be used on your profile. Primary accounts will be tagged as primary in the Account Management section of the Possible app.

It is recommended to review which account is selected as primary before reapplying as we will use the primary account for underwriting purposes. You can read tips about increasing your chances of approval in this article

Only checking accounts that have been linked through one of our banking partners can be selected as primary accounts. To learn more about linking and manually adding accounts, see this article.

To learn how to change which account is your primary account, see this article.

To learn more about applying and reapplying, see this article.

Payment Accounts

Each new loan will default to the primary account as the payment method. You can update your payment method to an account that is not your primary. To do this, you will need to reach out to customer service using the contact us form in the app.

Once you update the payment account, this will be your payment account for the active loan unless you update your primary account in the app.


Why Do I Have to Verify My Bank Account Ownership?

In December 2023, Possible began verifying account ownership on accounts linked through Plaid. This change was made to enhance the security of bank linking.

When you link a primary account with Possible through Plaid, we will ask that you verify ownership of your account. This ensures you are able to authorize the account to be used for loan applications, disbursing funds into the account, and recurring automatic payments.

During the verification process, we may ask you to upload additional documentation in the app to help verify ownership of the account. If we are not able to verify account ownership, you will not be able to use the account as primary, which is used for applications, disbursements, and recurring payments.

Note: If you have already linked a primary account before we started asking for account verifications, you will be asked to verify your account. We know this is a new change and are allowing our customers with an active loan time to adjust. Any customer applying for a new loan will need to verify ownership in order to proceed.


What banks are supported?

**At this time Possible can only send and receive money from most traditional checking or savings accounts and some online banks and prepaid cards.

Possible works with 9,000+ banking institutions across the country, however, there are some banks and credit unions it isn’t able to successfully connect with. Some of these banks may be listed in the app, but Possible still isn't able to support them.

Unfortunately, Possible is unable to work with credit cards and some prepaid debit cards.

If you do not see your bank on the list or you are receiving an ‘unsupported bank’ message, we likely aren’t able to work with your bank account. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

If you have a different account that receives income deposits or a compatible account you can move your deposits to, please use it to apply!

We are currently unable to support some of the following accounts:**

  • Paypal
  • Bluebird by American Express
  • Dave
  • American Express Serve
  • Chime
  • Varo
  • Simple
  • Wisely
  • Walmart - Money Network PayCard

**This is not a comprehensive list. There may be other banks, credit unions, and account types that Possible is unable to support at this time


Are there income requirements?

Since Possible doesn't check credit scores, it relies on verifying income when making loan decisions. In some circumstances, Possible may be able to work with you if you recently got a new job.

At least 3 months’ worth of income history is preferred, but more importantly, the connected bank account needs to be receiving income currently. Unfortunately, job offer letters aren’t able to be used to verify that your bank account will receive income.


What if I have a new bank account?

Possible uses the Plaid connection to verify income. We like to see at least 3 months worth of income history, but more importantly, the connected bank account needs to currently be receiving income.

We aren’t able to use pay stubs to verify your bank account receives income.

If your new bank account has at least 1 income deposit***, we may be able to proceed with your application. If your new bank account is too new, we encourage you to reapply when more income deposits have been made.

*For contract and gig economy workers, that's about 2 weeks of income deposits.


Can I use a shared or joint bank account?

At this time, we can only extend one loan per bank account at a time.

If you would like to take out an additional loan, any active loans connected to your bank account will need to be repaid first.

If you share a bank account with another party, unfortunately, Possible will only be able to review the application or extend a loan to whoever applied with us first. Once an active loan is paid in full, you can reapply with Possible if you'd like!

Alternatively, if you and the other party you share an account with both want to apply, and you have another bank account that receives income, Possible is happy to consider it.

However, please keep in mind that the account cannot be tied to the same shared account in any way or you will continue to receive an error (e.g., a Savings account tied to the same checking account).

If you believe there has been an error and you are not aware of an existing Possible loan with your bank account, please contact our customer success team using the Contact Us form in the app.


My Bank Isn’t Linking with Plaid

In order to connect with your bank account, Possible uses a third-party bank data integration partner, Plaid. Possible may not be able to verify data from some bank accounts due to support and connection issues experienced by Plaid.

You can use the Plaid demo link to see if your bank is supported by Plaid.

Sometimes banks that are supported by Plaid experience temporary connection issues. These issues typically resolve within a few days. Our best advice is to give it a few days and try again.

If Possible isn’t able to connect to your bank account, money will not be able to be sent to you.

Please get in touch with our customer success team if you're experiencing issues. We'll do our best to help resolve the problem!


Why am I Being Asked to Relink My Bank Account?

Possible will ask you to relink your bank account if there is an issue receiving bank data. In order to connect with your bank account, Possible uses a third-party bank data integration partner, Plaid. Possible may not be able to verify data from some bank accounts due to support and connection issues experienced by Plaid.

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