Two-Factor Verification Code

Do I need a Phone to Sign Up?

Like many mobile apps, phone verification is a part of Possible’s sign-up process.

In order to move forward with your application, Possible will need to verify your phone using a short message service (SMS) code.


I am having issues getting the verification code

It may take up to 5 minutes for the verification code to make it your way via SMS.

However, you can also select to receive the verification code by phone call. If you aren't seeing that option you may need to force-close the app and sign back in again.

If you still haven't received a text or phone call after 5 minutes have passed, please try resending the code to yourself. If the issue continues after you've attempted to resend it, please get in touch with our customer success team! We're happy to look into it for you.



If you are having issues with the two-step verification code when signing into your bank, please contact your bank directly for assistance.

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