How Does Pay Now and AutoPay Effect My Statement Balance?

When reviewing your statement, you will see a few pieces of information in the upper left of the first page:

  • New Balance
  • Payment Due Date
  • Statement Balance Due

Your Statement Balance Due is due on your Payment Due Date. We have two options for paying your statement balance (click here for more information) known as AutoPay and Manual Pay (Pay Now button in the app).

When using manual pay, you would tap the Pay Now button in app to make a payment. You can make as many payments as you want, of any amount you want up to the current balance, to pay the Statement Balance Due by the Payment Due Date. This offers you the flexibility to make payments as you choose.

When setup with AutoPay, we will always initiate a payment for the current balance on the card (only processed transactions) for each scheduled AutoPay payment. Since we initiate a payment for the current balance, your statement balance will be paid before the statement due date. You can always make an additional payment using the Pay Now button at any time and for whatever amount you want between your autopay due dates. This can help lessen the payment due on your scheduled autopay date and allow you to pay down your card balance before a scheduled payment date to increase the available credit on your card.

If at any time you are not able to pay the full balance, we do have a payment plan option which will split your payment into installments. See What Payment Plans Are Available? for more information.

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