We know that it can be frustrating when a card you are depending on turns out to be out of date just the moment you need it. If the card is plastic, why can't we simply keep it connected until you have a better reason to replace it? By having an expiration date, we make sure that our customers are always using cards with the most up to date secure card technology.

Your card expiration date is on the back of your Possible card in month/year format, representing the time at which your card is set to expire. For instance a card with the expiration date of 05/24 would expire in May of 2024. Cards will expire on the last calendar date of the month in which they are due to expire.

You should be sure to dispose of your expired card to help protect against someone using it to commit financial fraud against you. We recommend cutting up the card and discarding the pieces of the card in separate trash bags.

You should receive a new card in the mail within one month of your card expiring. If your card has expired, and you have not received a new one, please contact us by using the Contact Us form in the app or calling us at the number on the back of your Possible card.

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