Looking to make a payment on your Possible card? If you are not in a Pay Over Time plan, you can make a payment at any time within the app using the Pay Now button.

Just follow these easy steps to update your payment:

  1. Tap the Pay Now button on the app home page; this opens the payment screen
  2. Review the bank account listed and update if needed
  3. Tap Pay Now at the bottom of the screen to submit your payment

Your payment will begin processing after tapping Pay Now. As of now, the payment date will be automatically selected for the soonest we can begin processing the payment. We cannot change the payment date at this time, but are looking to make this an option in the future.

If you pay your full balance earlier than your due date and Possible receives the payment before the statement balance is due:

  • The balance will be reduced by the payment amount and you can spend up to your available credit limit until the end of your next payroll cycle
  • If on AutoPay, Possible will pull the payment on the upcoming payroll date for the balance at that time
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