All Possible Card customers can enroll in a Pay Over Time (POT) plan (temporary installment plan) for no extra cost to their account as long as there is a balance of at least $50 on the card. The owed balance and monthly fee will be split into equal payments based on your payroll frequency. The frequency of your payments will also be determined by your payroll frequency.

During this time period, the customer’s card cannot be used for purchases until the installment plan is paid off in full. Charges attempted to the card during this time will be declined. If you choose to enroll in an installment plan, Possible recommends updating your payment method with any merchants where you have pre-authorized recurring transactions via the Possible Card.

We understand life happens and we'll work with you to the best of our ability. If you need to convert to a payment plan, you can enroll in the app by tapping the Pay Over Time button. You will review plan details and payment schedule before agreeing to the plan. You must have autopay enabled to enter into a POT plan. But, don’t worry, if you did not choose AutoPay when setting up the card, you can reach out to us through the Contact Us form in the app and we can enable AutoPay for you.

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