With the Possible credit card, you can select AutoPay or Manual Pay when you setup your payment schedule.

For those who select AutoPay, your payment schedule will align with your employer’s payday schedule for your convenience, which is usually bi-weekly or monthly. Please note you will need to have the account your payroll is deposited into linked to your card for us to determine your payroll schedule. For now, we can only accept ACH payments for AutoPay. We plan to open this up to debit card payments in the near future.

For those who select Manual Pay, you will be responsible for making a payment before, or on, your payment due date which is notated on each statement. You can make a payment in the app at any time by using the Pay Now button. See I Want To Make A Payment Now for steps on how to make a payment. You can use ACH or debit cards for Manual Pay.

If at any time you are not able to pay the full balance, we do have a payment plan option as well which will split your payments into installments. See What Payment Plans Are Available? for more information.

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  • How do I set up my payment to be scheduled


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