About the Possible Card Payment Schedule

Most credit card companies make their profits when customers get stuck in long-term debt cycles where they are only able to make minimum payments on their card, while the interest slowly increases the outstanding owed balance month after month. We think that is a shameful practice and so we designed the Possible card with healthy financial behavior in mind.

With the Possible card, you have a financial option that links with your existing bank account and analyzes your financial behavior to approve you for a credit limit that you can handle. We make it easy for you to set up automatic payments on your paydays for the full amount you've spent since your last payday. This helps you budget better, stay out of debt, and build healthy long-term habits.

All approved customers will start with a credit limit of either $400 or $800, depending on the results of their application. There are no foreign transaction fees, no late payment fees, and no returned payment fees. The cost of the Possible Card’s monthly fee will vary based upon the customer’s current membership plan with Possible.

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