Why is my payment still processing?

Sorry for the delay!

Payments made directly from your checking or savings account, via automatic bank transfer, may take up to 5 business days (not including Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays) to clear on our end from the day they were pulled from your bank account. Payments made with debit cards, on the other hand, usually clear on our end within 24 hours of being pulled from your bank account.

This means that you may see a delay between when the payment is pulled from your account and when it is fully processed in the app. We know this delay can feel like a long time and be very frustrating! Please keep in mind that processing times may vary depending on when your financial institution settles pending transactions.

As soon as payments clear, their status in the app will be updated to “Paid" and you should receive an email confirming that the transaction was completed. Rest assured, we will report your payment as paid to the TransUnion and Experian on the date the funds were pulled from your account, not the day it finishes processing. Once all four payments are marked as “Paid” in the app, you can reapply for another loan if you’d like. 


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