Why isn't my account eligible to be used for payments?

Unfortunately not all bank accounts are eligible to be used for payment.  

Your account must meet the following requirements if you'd like to use it for payment: 

  • Must be linkable in the app 
  • Must be a traditional checking or savings account (some prepaid cards and credit cards are not able to be supported) 
  • Must have a current balance greater than the amount of one payment AND have at least one detectable income deposit

If your bank account is ineligible because it's a prepaid card or credit card, you'll need to use a different bank account or continue using your current payment account.

If your bank balance is too low and we can't detect income deposits, we'll keep an eye on it! Once your balance increases and we detect income it'll become available to use for payment.

Note: if your payment is due before your new account is eligible, please update your payment dates in the app for a later date. 

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