How to fight overdrafts and NSF bank fees

We know how hard it is to get hit with an overdraft fee. You only went negative by $1, but your bank charged you $35 for that $1 loan. 

But did you know most banks allow a courtesy refund every year for an overdraft fee? Some may even allow for more. 

So how do you go about reclaiming some of your money?

Give your bank a call whenever you have time, but make sure your bank account is positive at the time you reach out. To save you some time, make sure to have these pieces of information handy for when you get on the phone:

  • Home address on file with the bank
  • Bank account number
  • The date of the overdraft fee
  • Your most recent transaction (date, merchant, amount)

*Depending on your bank, they may have some additional verification questions.

Once you are on the phone with a customer service representative from your bank, kindly inform them that you incurred an accidental overdraft fee and would like to have the fee reversed. Often times it's as simple as that! You would be surprised how many times banks are willing to refund fees when asked. 

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