I’d like to pay with a debit card.

How to add a debit card

Adding a debit card is something you can now do in the app for yourself. All you have to do is follow these three steps:

1. Go to the "Account Management" page in your Possible App




2.Click the small pencil near your linked bank account in the app


2. A "Payment Method" window should appear. Tap Add A Debit Card.


3. Enter the details of the debit card. And tap Continue.


Once you have added your debit card, make sure to review what your preferred payment method is currently set to. Update your preferred payment method as needed.


If you run into any difficulties with this process we encourage you to reach out to your customer success team for assistance.

What are the benefits of paying with a debit card? 

  • All payments will finish processing within 24 hours
  • If you miss a payment, you can get caught up faster
  • Your loan will be marked as paid off faster and you’ll be eligible to reapply sooner
  • There’s no extra cost to you

Things to keep in mind

This is still a relatively new feature, so some Visa and Mastercard debit cards (typically credit cards and prepaid cards) are still not able to be supported. 

In order to use your debit card for payment, it will need to be associated with a traditional checking or savings account saved within your Possible profile. If the associated bank account is not linked in the app, you can add it before getting in touch with our customer success team to expedite the process. Click here for more information on adding a new payment account. 


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