Possible’s algorithms determine the amount that can be  safely lent to each applicant

Here are some tips for increasing your chances of approval:

  • Bank account balance: you should have a positive bank balance; the higher your bank account balance is when you apply, the better!
  • Minimum monthly income: an income of at least $750 per month is ideal. 
  • Consistency of income deposits over time: the more, the merrier!
  • Returned checks or insufficient funds (NSF) fees: keep these to a minimum; frequent returns could be a sign that payments to Possible will be returned too. 
  • Maintain a healthy amount of 'available credit'. Having multiple loans could mean that you're overextended.
  • Previous loan repayment history with Possible: the best way to increase your loan offer amount is to repay your Possible loans on time, without any returns. 
  • Monthly cash flow analysis: if your account is being drained too quickly, your loan offer amount may be decreased to prevent overdraft and insufficient funds (NSF) fees.

Please note that while we do our best to help as many of our customers as Possible, completing the prior steps does not guarantee approval.


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