If you’re receiving an error message, we likely need more information from you in order to continue processing your application. Below are some of the error messages and in-app requests you may see along with tips on how to resolve them.

Connect bank account/Relink bank account:

You may receive this message if Possible is unable to verify recent transactions or income deposits. You may also receive this message if Possible’s bank data integration partner, Plaid, has lost connection to your account. To resolve this issue, try relinking your bank account or linking a different account that receives income deposits. Please check out this article for more information on bank account and income requirements.


Retake Photo of ID:

If you receive this message, it means that the photo you've submitted with your application does not meet our ID Requirements and you will need to retake your photo. Please check out this article to learn more about our ID Requirements.




Retake your selfie:

You may receive this message if your selfie is unable to be verified. This could be for a number of reasons, but most commonly this is due to the picture being too blurry or part of your face being cut off. Possible takes your security very seriously. Your and need to be able to verify your selfie needs to be able to be verified against with your ID photo, to ensure there are no cases of fraud. To resolve this issue please retake and submit a selfie photo. 


Provide proof of residency:

You may receive this message if your ID does not match the state in which you applied, or additional information is needed to support your proof of residency that wasn't included in the first document you provided. Below are some guidelines for the proof of residency documentation:

  • It has to be an official document (nothing handwritten)
  • It must include your full name
  • It must include your current address
  • There MUST be a clearly marked date from within the last 30 days

 Some common examples of acceptable proof of residency documents are:

  • Recent utility bill
  • Recent phone bill
  • Recent pay stub




Unfortunately, if you’re unable to provide the requested information, Possible will be unable to reach a decision on your loan application.

You may choose to do nothing, that’s perfectly fine! Your application will automatically expire after 7 days without any action on your part. 


If you're experiencing technical difficulties or don't understand a request, we may be able to help!

Please reach out to our customer success team using the Contact Us form in the app. We'll do our best to help you complete your application!


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