Please check the arrival date in the app first!

The dashboard in the app displays the date your money is expected to arrive. 

Money typically arrives within 1-2 business days of the date you accepted the loan offer. If you've added a Visa debit card, your money should arrive in the next 30 mins but sometimes it can be delayed for more than an hour. 

If your money is supposed to arrive today please consider the following:

Pending transactions can settle in your account any time before 5 pm on the arrival date. Unfortunately, we can't control the exact time of day your bank will release the funds.

If you bank with a major bank/credit union, we appreciate your patience!

If you bank with a smaller bank/credit union, sometimes we do experience connectivity issues. Please double check the last 4 digits of your bank account number under the profile tab. If you notice an error or would like to verify we have the correct number on file, please reach out to our customer success team as soon as possible.

If it is past your arrival date:

It's likely we are experiencing connectivity issues with your bank account. We want to get you your money as soon as possible!

To do that, we'll need to update your bank account number and resend the money.

Please reach out to our customer success team using the Contact Us form in the app so we can help!

To expedite the process please have your account and routing numbers handy!

This information can be located on the bottom left hand corner of your checks:



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