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We wish we could support everyone but sometimes we have to make hard decisions. 

We use a proprietary underwriting system to help us make credit decisions.

We evaluated your loan application on the following considerations:

  • Bank account balance
  • Minimum weekly income
  • Consistency of income deposits over time
  • Number of Returned checks or Insufficient Funds Fees
  • Existence of deposits and withdrawals from other lenders
  • Previous loan repayment history with Possible Finance
  • Monthly Cash Flow analysis
  • Valid identification information

We encourage you to reapply when you feel your application will better satisfy these considerations.

Anybody is welcome to reapply every 3 days, although you may need to wait a little longer if your financial situation hasn't changed much.  

Your denial of credit isn't reported to credit bureaus and won't impact your FICO credit score in any way.

Unlike traditional credit providers, we don't rely on the FICO credit score as a part of our credit decision. We didn't initiate a pull on your credit, either soft pull or hard pull, as a part of our decision process so your credit score will not be impacted in any way. 




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