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Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

We hope you're finding our services useful and we look forward to continuing to work with you!

We will review your application as soon as possible. You should receive an approval decision within 24 hours of applying. 

We can't guarantee you'll be approved again if you've been approved before.

Positive borrowing history does increase the likelihood of being approved again, however, we must review each loan application thoroughly. 

Positive borrowing history includes:

  • No returned transactions/unsuccessful payments
  • Payments made on the originally selected date or within 30 days of the originally selected

We can't guarantee you'll be approved for more money this time.

Our algorithms help us determine the amount we can safely lend to you. We apologize for any disappointment and hope you know that we have your best interests in mind!


Are you being asked to re-take your ID photo?

As a return customer, you do not need to re-take your ID photo, live-selfie, or re-enter your SSN. You may be reapplying with an additional account and your loan application will get denied for having a 'duplicate account.'

Reach out to our team through the 'Contact Us' form and we can help! 

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