Is my credit score guaranteed to increase?

We report to TransUnion and Experian with the intention of increasing your credit score, but an increase isn't guaranteed.

It is never our intention to do more harm than good for our customers. If your credit score has been impacted negatively, we apologize! 

Some customers with sufficient credit history have reported experiencing negative effects. 

Credit scores can decrease for a variety of reasons. Applying for a mortgage, loan, or new credit card can decrease your credit score, as can closing a credit card, increasing the amount of credit you utilize, or filing for bankruptcy. 

Unfortunately, at this time we’re unable to predict exactly how your score will be affected by using our product.

The credit bureaus do not disclose exactly how credit scores are calculated.

If you believe the negative effects to your credit score are due to errors in our report, please file a dispute claim with TransUnion and Experian.

TransUnion and Experian offer dispute services without charge. We want to do right by our customers and are happy to amend reports that are found to be in error. 


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