If you'd like to make more than one payment at a time, simply update multiple payments for the same date!

All payments must be updated through the app.

If you'd like to add a new payment method to your Possible Finance account, let us know!

If you've updated your payments in the app before and have already used up your courtesy window, you may be unable to update your payments without assistance.

Please contact our customer success team using the Contact Us form in the app as soon as possible so we can help set up your payment(s)!


The soonest date a payment can be updated for is typically 2 business days* from today's date.

Unfortunately, we can't update same day payments at this time because we must give banks enough time to process automatic transaction requests.

If it's before 2pm PST you may be able to update payments for tomorrow. However, the soonest date a payment can be updated is typically 2 business days from today's date.

*If you are paying with your VISA debit card, you can schedule a same-day payment. Please be aware, it can take a few hours for the payment to process after you have updated the payment date within the app. For more information on debit card payments, click here.



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