How long will it take for my payment to process?

It takes 4 business days (not including Saturday, Sunday, or bank holidays) for payments to clear on our end.

 For example:

  • Payments selected for Monday will clear on Thursday
  • Payments selected for Friday will clear on Wednesday 

Payments typically settle before 5pm so if it's early in the day, you'll need to hold on just a little bit longer!

We know the wait time is inconvenient and we're working to offer more instant transactions.

After your payment is finished processing your account will immediately be reset and you'll be able to reapply if you'd like!*

Unfortunately, at this time we can't speed up this process. Thank you for your patience!

We can't accept screenshots of your bank transaction data showing the payment has been pulled from your account as proof of payment.

We have to wait until we successfully receive the money from your bank before we can mark your payment as complete.

*Florida residents: please be aware that due to Florida state regulations, there is a 24-hour waiting period before you can reapply for a new loan after the final payment has completed processing on our end. 

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