What are my original payment dates and how were they selected?

Your original payment dates are the dates listed in your loan agreement.

Possible’s algorithm does its best to choose your payment dates on your pay days. 

Your first payment should be no sooner than 7 days from the approval date. 

  • If you get paid on a daily basis (such as with Uber or Doordash): your payments will begin 2 weeks from the approval date and will continue every other week
  • If you get paid weekly: your payments will be every other pay day
  • If you get paid twice a month: your payments will be every pay day
  • If you get paid once a month: you will make 2 payments per pay day

Regardless of their pay schedule, each customer is responsible for 4 equal payments and has approximately 8 weeks (2 months) to repay their loan.

Your payment dates should  reflect what works best for you. With that in mind, Possible offers some flexibility. 

You always have the ability to pay sooner or update each payment date in the app (up to 29 days from the original date) using the "Need more time?" feature. 

Note: you must make changes to each individual payment. Pushing your first payment out will not push your remaining payments out as well.

If you need to push payments out even further than the 29-day grace period, it may impact your credit score. Please use the Contact Us form in the app to get in touch with our customer success team if you would like assistance.


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