We do our best to review each loan application within 24 hours of applying.

If we need more information to finish reviewing your application you will receive a notification from the app. 

We recommend keeping your push notifications on so you'll be alerted right away. Once you complete the request, your loan will automatically be placed back under review and we'll get to it shortly.

If the request for more information is not complete within 7 days, your loan application will automatically expire.

If your loan application expires, you're welcome to reapply!


Unfortunately, at this time, we're unable to accommodate every request about application status. 

We understand you may currently be experiencing an emergency. We want to help and we do our best to review applications as quickly as possible! Thank you for your patience!

Factors that delay application review:

  • There is an error with your personal information (such as legal name, date of birth or SSN).
  • Your ID photo isn't clear.
  • Your proof of residency is an invalid document.
  • There are connectivity issues with your bank account or the bank account you have listed isn't supported



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