What is the cost of a loan?

We strive to keep our fees as affordable as possible for our customers!

Our borrowing fee varies by state and is subject to change over time. Here's a current breakdown: 

  • In Washington state, ​a Possible loan costs $15 for every $100 borrowed.
  • In California, a Possible loan costs $17.65 for every $100 borrowed.
  • In Idaho and Utah, ​a Possible loan costs $20 for every $100 borrowed.
  • In Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, and Florida the borrowing fee is not a flat rate. Please download the app and use the blue slider tool for more specific information regarding fees.

Your fees are divided equally among 4 payments and you are given approximately 8 weeks to repay.

If you need to adjust your payment dates, you can use the Update payment dates feature in the app after your loan is accepted. We offer a 29-day grace period for added flexibility. You can move your dates around in the app while you are still within that grace period. 

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